Programming Language

Why Learning a Programming Language

1. Non-It or IT student

Main thing eppudu meru IT company lo select avvali ayina or select ayina tharvatha survive avvani ayina,

You guys definitely need subject knowledge

Kachithamga gaa programing language vachi undali aa basic knowledge manaku lekapothey manam,JOB lo survive avvalem,

Company lo training echina tarvatha exams pedtharu like m1, m2, m3, ….. And L1, L2, L3..Manam aa tests ni clear cheyadanki konni company only single chance estharu exam lo 60 Percent rakapothey they will terminate you definitely..Infosys lanti companies 2 chances estharu …

2. which one i have to Start

Any two Programming languages ni pettandi and avi meeku vachi undali, endhukante avey exams lo vasthayi and avey interview lo mimmalni adugutharu, andhukey just 2 programing languages pettandi meku vachinavi future lo miru inka nerchuko galigevi..

Python is the best one…

start doing the course on python language,

youtube lo classes vinandi,

programing practice cheyandi..

python materials chadhavndi, daily oka concept

Happy learning….


Telugu python tutorial

Download python Materials, from kvrsdoftware website, ee website lo python okate kadhu C and java and chala materials untayi…

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