WordPress skill and tool

Why Learning a Skill ?

Skills and Tools

Meeku Internship cheyali unna ledhaa emaina job ki ayina oka skill antu undali meeku like..

1. Front end development

2. Back-end development

3.full stack web development

4. WordPress web development

5. Testing


7.digital marketing



10. Other tools

2. Frontlines Media Telegram

 Enkaa chala tools untayi, meeru edho oka tool nerchukunnaru antey adhi meeku entho use avthundhi. So select one tool / skill and be prepared for that…

Watching videos

Practicing yourself

Doing certificate course on that

Meeru edho oka tool nerchukunte aa tool meedha chala jobs untayi, internships untayi and experience ekkuva vasthundhi…Don’t waste your valuable time…

why wordpress tool

My favourite one is wordpress

Aa wordpress tool nenu YouTube lo nerchukunna, dhani meedha certification courses chesa, college website develop chesa, Internship chesi money earn chesa, naa own gaa start-up company website create chesa, naa kantu oka portfolio website create cheskunna….evvani naa resume lo add chesi naa resume ki weightage penchukunna,

Oka vela naku MNC company lo job rakapoyina wordpress web developer kinda chala jobs unnayi vatiki happy ga vellevadni select ayyevadni …

Daveedu Raju Akurathi

free wordpress course from Infosys
Learn from Youtube



Watch the complete video and try to understand that what is wordpress and how to make websites using wordpress

YouTube is the best place to learn everything… motham anni tools gurinchi untay and Langauges kuda untay…

jobs and oppurtunities

If you learn about WordPress and trying to do your own websites then I will share you the Regarding Internship notifications so you can apply and do work from home and you can earn the money aswellNerchukunnaka mee own portfolio website okati create cheskondi…

 Put it in your resume…aa tharvatha jobs ki internships ki apply cheyandi…


WordPress jobs in naukari



WordPress Internships in internshala


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